Our mission:

To improve the efficiency of your research process when shopping for a new game or toy.

We want you to know all of the options available to you, both old favourites and the hottest new trends. We also want you to have a complete, unbiased view of what real users and experts think of the product.

Finally, we want you to have a clear, simple way to compare these products with others, allowing for quick and simple decision making on what suits you best.

The problem with internet reviews:

Lucky for you, people love to write about toys and games on the internet. This means there’s literally thousands of first hand accounts what people liked and disliked about most products on the market.

The problem with user reviews these days is many are fake or biased. Further, Australian websites often have a very small number of reviews, providing you with a very small sample size. You would therefore need to cast your net further afield to retailers and review sites in other countries to get a good pool of reviews and understand the general consensus.

Expert reviews are great, and in the toy and game space there’s many very high quality reviewers that provide tremendous value to the decision making process. However, if you only read reviews from one or two experts you are really trusting that their tastes and preferences are aligned with yours, which is a brave move considering how often the experts themselves disagree about products.

How we solve it:

Our writers and editors spend hours researching each and every toy and game included on this site. They read hundreds of user reviews across a range of review platforms noting the general consensus and also trends in terms of what people do and don’t like.

They also spend many hours reading reviews written by the most respected experts in the industry to understand how the product compares to similar ones on the market.

Finally, the user review ratings are totalled and adjusted for those that appear to be fake or biased. These reviews are then combined with the average expert score using our unique algorithm to produce a final score that we think provides the best view of the general consensus of a product.

We do not receive compensation or free products and have no motivation for promoting one product above another.