Dominion: Prosperity Review

Dominion: Prosperity Review


Players: 2-4
Ages: 13+
Game play: 30 mins

Prosperity is the fourth addition to the popular deck building game Dominion. It is not a standalone game, meaning you have to own either Dominion or Intrigue to play. Yet, Prosperity adds enhancing mechanics to the original game, boosting its overall value.

As its name suggests, the central theme of Prosperity is wealth. The 25 new Kingdom cards include powerful expensive cards, treasure cards, victory tokens, and cards that interact with treasures.

Both users and experts appreciate the interesting tweaks this expansion set brings to the game. The simplicity of the cards and the overall value they bring can easily take Dominion to a whole new level most players will enjoy.


  • Incredible combo potential with other expansions
  • The perfect first expansion for Dominion
  • Cards introduce new ways to play
  • Excellent replay value


  • Not a standalone game
  • Makes the game harder for beginners

What users say about Dominion: Prosperity:

Users are thrilled by Prosperity, claiming the expansion is perhaps the first one that will get players wanting to go beyond the base set. These cards add new concepts and mechanics to the game in a simple way, without changing too much the original game line.

Colonies and Platinum are the most appreciated cards; they bring a fun twist to Dominion, increase a player’s wealth and allowing players to explore a variety of combinations and strategies. Users also liked that the cards truly reward skilled play.

Criticism regards the increase in currency on Prosperity cards, which makes them hard to merge with other expansions. However, even if some users may prefer the standard version of the game, Prosperity is an incredible addition for those who’d like to experiment with new variants.

What experts say about Dominion: Prosperity:

Experts rave about the fourth Dominion expansion and there seems to be a generally positive consensus about the value Prosperity brings to the game. Most pro players affirm that Prosperity adds a new level of depth to Dominion, raising its level of engagement.

The new cards make it easier to get new victory points and buy things. Most experts also praised the value of the new attack cards Prosperity brings to Dominion.

There is little criticism from the experts. Prosperity is judged as a great first expansion set, and the only negative trait is that it makes the game a tad more difficult for first-time players.

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