Great Western Trail Review

Great Western Trail Review

Strategy board game


Players: 2-4

Ages: 12+

Game play: 75 – 150 mins

Great Western Trail is an exciting board game set in the dramatic scenery of the nineteenth century’s Texas. This strategy game invites you to ship cattle from Texas to Kansas City by train in an epic adventure.

Each milestone reached can earn you money and victory points, but it takes entrepreneurial spirit to decide when to trade your livestock and how to ace the game. Apparently complex but quite simple, this game is perfect for players aged twelve or older and it takes approximately two and a half hours to complete.

Users and experts agree this is a fun family game full of exciting decisions and strategies. The planning to move your cattleman is interesting while the entire game blends challenging decisions with more straightforward actions that appeal to both inexperienced and avid strategy gamers alike.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Flawless board design
  • Exciting theme
  • Great for 2-4 players
  • High replay valu


  • Too simple for some experts
  • Some components may feel a bit cheap

What users say about Great Western Trail:

Great Western Trail got a generally positive consensus from its users. Most people define it as a well-designed game with excellent mechanics. Users praise the lack of predictability of this game. There are so many ways to win, and one can enjoy it over and over again.

Users also appreciate the game’s theme. There is something fascinating about America’s Old West that attracts most gamers. People also praise the lack of Western violence in this game that focuses on breeding cattle and moving livestock from one city to another.

The only downside regards the quality of the components, judged as low. Some users complained their board felt flimsy while some cards were misspelled.

What experts say about Great Western Trail:

Expert players received Great Western Trail with enthusiasm, and even though it has been judged as simplistic, there is an overall favorable opinion of the game. Most experts praise the wide range of choices that offer different paths to victory.

Some experts also appreciate the straightforward actions and clear iconography, features that speed up runtime while working on the art to achieving a perfect hand.

Criticism addresses the little mechanisms that may overstuff the game and the lack of interaction between players.

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