Pandemic Board Game Review

Pandemic Board Game Review

Pandemic boardgame review


Players: 2-4
Ages: 8+
Game play: 45 mins

Enjoying huge popularity around the globe, Pandemic is a cooperative board game that brings together two to four players engaged in a race against the clock to save humanity from four deadly viruses.

The game is perfect for all those who have dreamt, at least once in their lifetime, to become a scientist, medic, or another type of specialist ready to save the world from disaster. Attractive visuals boost the value of this game, making it engaging for younger players too.

Users and experts praise Pandemic’s team-building ability. The game is captivating, intense, and dramatic. Perfect for up to four players and lasting for roughly an hour, this cooperative game is a blast, although it might not be the best game for those with a strong competitive spirit.


  • Outstanding integration of theme and gameplay mechanics
  • Immersive experience
  • Fairly easy to learn, though difficult to master
  • Team building game
  • Ideal for kids over eight years old


  • Some players may not like the cooperative component
  • Relatively high difficulty level

What users say about Pandemic:

Users describe Pandemic as one of the best cooperative board games they ever played. Most users liked the difficulty level of the game, which brings in tension factor while turning decision-making into challenging strategy.

Because Pandemic is quite easy to learn, it has also been appreciated as great for families with children. The youngsters are also likely to enjoy the bio-hazard theme that lets them turn into scientists.

Although it has excellent replay value, some players may find it becomes boring after many sessions. Yet, Pandemic is a fun game with a solid cooperative component that makes it a great first board game for new players.

What experts say about Pandemic:

Pandemic enjoys high popularity among expert players, mainly due to its huge replay value. You can play a different role each time you sit at the table, there are different areas infected in different games, and the epidemic cards bring in the tension factor.

Most experts like the variety of expansion sets that can boost the difficulty of the game and add in new mechanics. The game is complex and variable; at the same time, it helps build the team spirit as all players can either win or lose, depending on their combined strategy.

What expert players criticized is the difficulty to defeat the pandemic along with the generic cubes for the disease. However, Pandemic is engaging, it demands teamwork, and brings a strategic variability that most experts praise.

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