Santorini Board Game Review

Santorini Board Game Review

Santorini Review


Players: 2-4
Ages: 8+
Game play: 20 mins

Santorini is one of the most exciting strategy board games attracting kids and adults with flawless visuals and exciting gameplay. Two playing modes give you the possibility to build the Greek island by relying on your workers alone or boost your strategy with god powers in an advanced game mode.

Its latest version was released in 2016, but Santorini has been around for much more than that. The game’s success lays in its ability to combine elementary school simplicity with an exciting gameplay depth that appeals to players of all ages and levels.

Users and experts agree Santorini is an exciting board game to have in your arsenal. Its high replay value attracts hardcore gamers while the short gameplay time of only 20 minutes makes it ideal for the youngsters. Perfect for players over eight years of age, Santorini can easily keep you entertained during a Saturday night at home or a family vacation.


  • Attractive story and visuals
  • Two play modes
  • High replay value
  • Ideal for kids over 8 years old
  • Perfect for two to four players


  • Some experienced players may find it loses excitement after a while
  • Expensive

What users say about Santorini:

Users praise Santorini’s simplicity which can be enhanced easily by adding the god power cards to the game. The simple set of rules is the most popular feature. Most users like that they can play Santorini with their children without spending hours explaining the game.

Players also appreciate that the game is quick to play, so youngsters will not lose their interest at the table. The block building feature adds the fun factor, while the pieces and board were judged as high-quality by most users.

The game is recommended for all those interested in abstract-type board games, although some users feel Santorini could be less expensive. Some players also feel that the end of the game is too abrupt.

What experts say about Santorini:

Overall, Santorini receives a very favorable judgment from expert gamers who appreciate the gameplay depth. All it takes to get the game to the next level is to throw in the god power cards that can easily mix things up.

Despite its surprising simplicity, the game can become truly profound according to experts. Giving players the ability to create a new game and new strategies each time, Santorini was also judged as having excellent replay value.

Some experts have criticized the rather childish art. Nevertheless, most experts praised the chess-like design that demands planning several moves in advance to find the best strategy.

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