Star Wars: Rebellion Review

Star Wars: Rebellion Review


Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Game play: 180 – 240 mins

An exquisite, thematic strategy game, perfect for groups of family and friends alike, Star Wars: Rebellion cleverly captures the essence of the Star Wars theme and storyline while also providing excellent gameplay.

Star Wars: Rebellion is an epic game of cat and mouse between The Empire and The Rebels. The Rebels win the game by evading The Empire and gaining support throughout the galaxy. The Empire wins if they find the Rebel base and destroy The Rebel troops set there to defend it.

The various moves and missions are true to Star Wars lore, with your favourite characters being assigned to various adventures across the galaxy. Combat can be engaged by with side and can be either ground based or in space.

The two piece board is impressive and expansive, while the pieces are also delightful, true to style from creator Fantasy Flight Games.

Easier to learn than some other strategy games, and great for a wide range of players, this game will please beginners and die-hard gamers alike.


  • Great thematic gameplay
  • Addictive “cat-and-mouse” dynamic
  • Asymmetry of Empire vs Rebels adds to depth and variety
  • Medium complexity strategy game great for all levels of playe


  • Combat play can seem needlessly complex
  • Rules can get a bit complicated
  • Hard-core gamers will prefer less randomness in combat
  • Game play can run long

What users say about Star Wars: Rebellion:

Star Wars: Rebellion is one of the most popular games on the market, with user reviews very positive across the board.

Users love the artwork, components and the nostalgia associated with the various characters and storylines. The way the theme is built into the game is one of the most praised features. The game mechanics are also viewed as positive overall.

The replayability of the game is also praised, thanks to the randomness in setup providing a wide variety of scenarios and outcomes.

Users who have added the expansion pack to the game say that while it is not necessary, it is definitely worthwhile and adds significantly to the enjoyment factor. It is also praised for being great for 2 players.

There is an element of randomness to the game due to the inclusion of dice rolls. This makes the game great as a “Gateway” game, making it suitable for a wider audience, although receives some criticism from die-hard gamers who would rather have more control over the outcomes of combat.

Other criticism includes the gameplay having the potential to run long.

What experts say about Star Wars: Rebellion:

The expert opinion of this game is very positive. Experts love the unique tension created by the hide-and-seek dynamic present throughout the game. This is added to by the significant asymmetry between The Empire and The Rebels.

The fact that gameplay is fairly simple, while still involving a range of elements, makes it suitable for a wide audience.

The thematic storyline is praised frequently, with the likes of Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader all carrying out various missions to further their sides agenda. Experts also enjoyed the fact that as the game evolves other players such as Chubaka are introduced.

Criticisms include the poorly laid out manual and the long run time (consensus is 2-4 hours).

Expert reviews:

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