Through the Ages Review

Through the Ages Review


Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Game play: 120 mins

A very popular game that has been evolving and improving over the past decade, Through the Ages has firmly cemented itself as one of the top classic strategy board games.

Beginning with a small tribe, you must make critical decisions to ensure your civilization prospers through different periods of history. From military, to politics, to the economy, to technological advancements, the strategies you employ will determine how your population fares vs competing groups.

Figures such as Napoleon, Einstein, Shakespeare and Bill Gates all make appearances and their skills can be leveraged to help you develop different aspects of your progress.

While very deep and complex, the consensus amongst players is that those who make the commitment to learn this game will be handsomely rewarded with engrossing thematic gameplay full of exciting strategy and decision making.


  • Ownership and development of your own civilization is very engrossing
  • Strategy and decision making make gameplay very enjoyable
  • Good rule book structure
  • Efficient game mechanics
  • Cards ensure no game is ever the same


  • A fairly complex game that takes commitment to learn
  • Run time can be very long

What users say about Through The Ages:

The general consensus amongst players of Through the Ages is an excellent game, with its deep and complex strategy elements only making it more enjoyable. It is also noted that the game has improved well through its iterations with the current version providing a step up in terms of streamlined gameplay.

Many users cite Through the Ages as their favourite ever game, thanks to the way the various strategies and decision making is beautifully intertwined with the theme.

Criticisms include the lack of a catch up mechanism, and the long run-time. Consensus is that the game is best with 2-3 players (to keep game length manageable). It is also noted that this game isn’t the best for beginners due to it’s fairly complex rules.

What experts say about Through The Ages:

Overall, experts consider this game to be worthy of its spot as one of the best strategy board games of all time, however it is not without its flaws.

Experts enjoy the fact there are many ways to claim victory, be that through military strength, art, science, or religion. It is, however, stressed that this is a very deep and complex game and learning can take some time. The two rule book structure is praised for helping with a more immediate start to game play with in-depth rules accessible as required.

The various strategic elements critical to your progress as a civilization make this game very engrossing. Also, the fact that the theme and story follow historical figures and events means there is an educational element embedded within the game play.

Experts note that the randomness generated by the shuffled deck of cards drawn from during gameplay can be frustrating for hard-core gamers but makes it more accessible for beginners.

The key criticism is that the run time can be very long (especially with more than 2 or 3 players).

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