Ticket to Ride Review

Ticket to Ride Review

Ticket to Ride Board Game Review


Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Game play: 30 – 60 mins

Ticket to Ride is one of those classic board games that will never grow old. Halfway between a casual party game and a serious strategy game, it gets players hooked into building railway tracks between cities and claiming pre-printed routes.

It is perfect for small groups of up to five players and simple enough to attract both children and adults. Despite its simplicity though, Ticket to Ride awards players with intense tactical strategies and decision making at every turn.

Users and experts agree Ticket to Ride is a very enjoyable and engaging game with excellent replay value. Player interaction is moderate, but perhaps this is what makes the game fun and entertaining for people of all ages.


  • Ideal for 2-5 people
  • Excellent replay value
  • Attractive graphics and theme
  • Moderate interaction


  • Mechanics too simple for some users

What users say about Ticket to Ride:

Users praise the simplicity of Ticket to Ride, calling it a “comfort game” to pull out when your purpose is to spend time with your friends without getting involved in complex strategy mechanics.

New gamers judge Ticket to Ride as straightforward and accessible. The rather short runtime is another appreciated feature. This game fits together nice and smoothly, and is perfect for youngsters and adults alike.

Some users criticise the lack of excitement associated with strategy games, while those eager of more social interaction between players were somehow disappointed by the limited possibilities to challenge the other gamers.

What experts say about Ticket to Ride:

Overall, experts’ opinions on this game are positive. Ticket to Ride makes a perfect casual game that takes little to no time to master. Most experts agreed the game has an excellent replay value despite its simplicity.

Experts praise precisely the lack of complicated mechanics; Ticket to Ride is a great casual game to play at parties or with people who are not exactly fans of complex strategy board games.

Pro users also liked that the theme is consistently delivered throughout the game, although those who don’t like trains may find it a bit annoying.

From a critical standpoint, some pro gamers claimed the simplistic game could get you bored quickly if you aim for lots of player interaction and game conflict.

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