Twilight Imperium Review

Twilight Imperium Review


Players: 3-6

Ages: 14+

Game play: 240–480 mins

Twilight Imperium is a two decades old tactical strategy board game capable of conquering generation after generation through rich storytelling. The latest edition invites you to explore the newest worlds of the Twilight Imperium legacy in an epic game for three to six players.

Take command of one of the seventeen alien civilizations and compete for interstellar political, trade, and warfare dominance in a race to supremacy. Each faction offers a unique gameplay experience and different paths to victory.

Users and experts praise the game’s capacity to generate unique space operas each time you sit down to play. The Fourth Edition of the game places a strong emphasis on player interaction and redefines the concept of an epic board game targeted to players 14 or older.


  • Randomised board structure
  • Deep, complex strategy game
  • Perfect for 3-6 players
  • Excellent replay value
  • More streamlined than previous editions


  • Long running time
  • Expensive
  • The theme could be too extravagant for some players

What users say about Twilight Imperium:

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition was welcomed with great excitement by amateur players. Users familiar with the third edition of the game praised the new version improvements, while new users were impressed by the complex and evocative storytelling.

The most acclaimed features were the long time to master the game and its excellent replay value. A modular tile board gives the possibility to create unique games over and over again, and getting bored is truly difficult.

Criticism includes the overwhelming playing time as well as the complexity of learning the game. Some users also disliked the sci-fi theme.

What experts say about Twilight Imperium:

Experts seem to agree that Twilight Imperium is one of the most exciting and rewarding strategy board games. Most players awaited the release of the Fourth Edition with enthusiasm and praised the improvements brought to the previous version.

While Twilight Imperium editions are similar in many ways, experts appreciated the overall better quality of the components as well as the simplified technology of the fourth edition. The newest version is defined as a more streamlined game that emphasises player interaction while cutting down on running time a little bit.

However, experts agree it still takes a wealth of time to finish a session. Criticism also included the game’s price tag.  

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