Twilight Struggle Review

Twilight Struggle Review


Players: 2
Ages: 13+
Game play: 120-180 mins

Twilight Struggle is one of the hottest strategy games of the moment, engaging players in an intense political war between the USA and the Soviet Union.

This Cold War game is tense, challenging, and deep. Each decision made in the game mirrors real-life decisions world leaders have made during real historical events. Advertised as ideal for players over 13 years old, Twilight Struggle will most probably appeal to those old enough to know what the Cold War is all about.

There seems to be a generally positive consensus among users and experts regarding the game’s excellent replay value. Most players also appreciate the complex strategy of the game and the degree of involvement. The political theme, though, might not be for everyone.


  • Complex strategy game
  • Outstanding replay value
  • Deep thematic war game
  • Interactive play


  • Can be challenging to learn
  • Not for casual players
  • Only for two players

What users say about Twilight Struggle:

Users excited about war and political games praise Twilight Struggle for its deck-building aspect that makes up most of the strategy. Players declare they love the tension of the game, which brings an authentic Cold War feel.

Twilight Struggle can create a memorable experience and can be played over and over again. However, some users judge it as too complex to learn. The rule book has over 30 pages you will have to master it if you want to enjoy this game at its best.

Those who’re not into history and politics may not get as much value out of the game. According to most users though, if you start learning it with someone who has the same skills level, Twilight Struggle can become pretty addictive.

What experts say about Twilight Struggle:

There seems to be an overall positive consensus about Twilight Struggle between experts who enjoy strategy games for two. The most appreciated feature is the true-to-reality gameplay that incorporates the actual facts of the Cold War seamlessly.

Tension and strategy conquered most expert players who define the game as highly addictive. Twilight Struggle can deliver a unique experience each time you play it.

Some experts felt the set of rules is too extensive, although they appreciate that it is reasonably easy to play once you learn the rules. All in all, Twilight Struggle is an incredibly balanced game in strategies and tactics that can easily create a truly immersive experience.

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